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New products:

Lucas Style LED Taillight

Universal Lucas Style LED Taillights - in Red and Clear Lens'd versions:

These Lucas-style RetroLED Taillights are now offered with a universal bracket, which can also be used with any of our other taillights. Perfect for your high-budget retro- or econo-cafe projects.


LED Wide Cateye Taillight


Revised, dual circuit board LED Wide Cateye 2.0 Taillight, with plate illumination:` Our ever-popular Wide LED Cateye Taillights have been re-designed internally and re-sourced from another manufacturer. The new units now have a separate, dedicated circuit for license-plate illumination, which eliminates any interference with runing and brakelight circuits and adds overall robustnuess to the circuitry. The mounting hardware is heavier, and the rear housing extension has been eliminated for a more universal fit in a wider range of applications.


VMAX LED Taillight
NEW! `Speed-Wedge' LED Cateye Taillight with directed plate illumination:
A larger form-factor for greater conspicuity or for specific under-fender fits where too-small a light might either look disproportionate or be partially obscured due to fender edge geometry, mount height and angle.

Jewel-Lensed LED Small Cateye Taillight with directed plate illumination:
A smaller form factor for over-fender installations with the new universal bracket, and any other new install or replacement.

LED Turnsignals




Several New Styles of LED Turnsignals, with front-and-back lighting, and some with RBT function. . .




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