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So, a few words `about-us'. . .

MotorycleMods LLC was formed in response to early mods to a Shadow Spirit VT750DC in 2002. It's been a long time since, and we haven't quite grown in the traditional sense of a business, becasue, well, it isn't a traditional business model, more like a labor of love, [and desire, motolust, etc] and we've tried to keep it small and not turn it into yet another scrambling parts dispenser and clearing house. Think of it as a mom-n-pop outfit, run just by pop! There is no walk-up storefront and all sales are online only.

The name seems banal, but is actually a play on the age old `Mods vs Rockers' tradition; so think of it as a mellower version of the Rockers, with easy diy edits to your rides, but definitely not just bolt-on.

Our kits are all designed in-house in CAD [full product development and documentation recorded for those who might be inclined think otherwise], and sourced locally for all metal fabrication components. Development for new parts has been hesitant in the recent downturn, but we hope to pick up again now that the moto-industry seems to have come out of the last few years' strife.

We've also pulled back from selling through larger re-seller channels, and will concentrate on direct sales and supply smaller shops instead of going to moto- clearing houses and their often absurd demands on profit margins, not mention the additional insurance and extra paperwork.


No problem. Just send an email to, as it allows a quicker response.


1-year, with proof of purchase. After that, if a replacement is required, parts may be re-purchased at a considerable discount. Please see Terms and Conditions for further details if you wish.

Privacy Policy:

Quite simple. NO personal information is stored, except order emails that generated in the shopping cart software containing order details. Card transactions are transparent, never visible or stored, and are processed through PayPal and all compliance is through PayPal's transaction procedures. No personal data is collected, processed, stored or disseminated or sold to any party in any form whatsover.

Contact info:

Mailing address:
Motorcyclemods LLC, P.O. BOX 215, Blairstown, NJ, 07825
Phone: 908.818.0228 Fax: 908.362.1128





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